our methods

We believe that handling our beverages with care goes hand-in-hand with being good stewards of our environment. Learn more about the care we take in bringing our products to you.

make great products

the choicest fruit

Great taste truly starts from the ground up, which is why we work hard to gather the finest, juiciest goods possible. We only use high-quality produce from high-quality producers.

pasteurize it

After the juice is extracted, we use a pasteurization process to eliminate harmful bacteria while preserving great taste and vital nutrients. Then, the pickiest Odwallans gather for a daily taste test, since we'd never serve our customers anything we wouldn't gulp down ourselves.

everybody be cool

After bottling, our drinks are carefully moved into a cold storage area, loaded onto refrigerated trucks, and whisked away to our special coolers in stores throughout the country. This "cold chain" locks in Odwalla's delicious taste and makes sure you can sit back with a beverage and just chill.

timing is everything

Our process is so efficient, we can take the fruit that enters our plant from nature to nourishing in just a few days! And once we stamp an "Enjoy By" date on our goodness, our refrigerated trucks drive day and night to bring Odwalla to your waiting, craving taste buds.

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