our methods

We believe that handling our beverages with care goes hand-in-hand with being good stewards of our environment. Learn more about the care we take in bringing our products to you.

be good to the earth

recycling to help keep the landfill empty

Of the millions of pounds of citrus that enter our headquarters every year, 0% goes into a landfill. In fact, more than 98% of all our trash is recycled. Seems to us like our record's worthy of a standing 0-vation!

the water (re)cycle

After we make our beverages, we carefully separate and re-use some of the leftover water. We also treat all the water that leaves our plant, creating less waste that can harm the environment and less work for city sanitation systems. Going with the flow has never felt so good.

creating beverages with superior standards

Odwalla has stringent standards for using chemicals and other cleaners safely, as well as reducing chemical consumption whenever possible in our production process. We're working to be more of a clean, green, energy machine.

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