giving back

We foster growth in the environments we impact.

plant a tree

Since 2007, we've been working to give our country that new arbor smell. We're so proud of the 680,000 trees we've already planted that you'd hear us tooting our own horns if we weren't so against noise pollution.

Why trees? Because clean water, healthy soil, and fresh air are the not-so-secret ingredients that make our beverages and bars as good as they are. And every new tree means more of all these elements. They're like nature's caretakers, and we're delighted to show the world just how much good a few little seeds can do.

Especially because it means we're giving a little something back to so many of the communities that love and support our beverages and bars.

haiti hope project®

Odwalla donates 10 cents from every 15.2 fl oz. Mango Tango®; smoothie to the Haiti Hope Project®, an initiative committed to helping Haiti and its mango farmers recover from the devastating 2010 earthquake.

The initiative gives 25,000 Haitian farmers the support they need to grow crops more efficiently, and to create more fruitful opportunities for their families and their country's economy.

Every bit of support counts when communities are in need, and Odwalla is proud of our involvement in the Haiti Hope Project and our continued mission to build a business with heart.

If that sounds good to you, drink up and put your thirst for goodness to work for Haiti!